Folkestone Banksy Art Buff

Banksy Added to Folkestone Artworks in Payers Park

Banksy Art BuffI drove over to Payers Park one September morning to investigate reports of a Banksy in Folkestone which appeared overnight… he’d dubbed it “Art Buff” as I think that’s the point he came to Folkestone to make.

So many people wander around our Artworks listening to the audio tour and don’t take them off to appreciate the art in their own way, from their own perspective.

I don’t think he’s saying that we shouldn’t have audio tours… I like knowing what the artist had in mind when they created their work, but perhaps we should listen when we get home or take them off once in a while.

I should explain… A few weeks before that I went down to the harbour and visited the Triennial bamboo structure that “Looks Out” over the railway line and the sea… at first I didn’t get it. Yes, it was a nice view, but something was missing. And then everyone left and it was quiet… the wind passed through the structure blowing the open bamboo like a hundred flutes, but softly and quietly and the wooden wind chimes clanked together in the breeze… and just for a moment I relaxed – then I got it. I had to stop being there… and just be.

You decide what Banksy’s artwork means to you… I’m going to chalk it up as another sign that Folkestone’s emerging as a arty seaside town and that we all need to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! (But perhaps we should decide for ourselves what’s beautiful rather than let the establishment tell us)

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UPDATE: Unfortunately Banksy created Art Buff on the wrong wall and it has now been removed and sent to auction, however he did return afterwards, twice in fact to mark his territory! So you can still see a Banksy in Folkestone, but unfortunately not “Art Buff”.

The Creative Foundation managed to purchase the Banksy and are planning to display it somewhere in Folkestone (tbc).

Where Was The Banksy In Folkestone?

It was at the top of Payers Park near the public car park on the back of a building in Rendezvous Street.