Things To Do In Folkestone | Folkestone Tourist Information

Things To Do In Folkestone | Folkestone Tourist Information

Folkestone has a wealth of cultural, natural and entertaining family attractions to suit all tastes and even if you’re only staying the night, we can help you choose what to do in Folkestone whilst you’re here!

We’ve created a map of things to do in Folkestone, places to park, coffee shops, eateries and, of course, the best beaches!

Here’s a quick summary of What To Do In Folkestone – click the headings for even more detail or explore the map at the bottom of the page.


Hotels in FolkestoneBurlington Gardens

There are plenty of good hotels to chose from in Folkestone, from budget B&Bs to large Edwardian hotels in Folkestone West with a sea view. Click to see a list of independently and locally reviewed Folkestone hotels and B&B’s.


Best Beaches in Folkestone

There are two main beaches in Folkestone, both are south-facing with facilities on hand should you need them.

The first is called Sunny Sands and as its name suggests is a sandy beach (a rarity this close to London), the second is located at the bottom of the Zig Zag path and is a quieter pebble beach frequented mostly by the locals….

Folkestone Sandy Beach

Sunny Sands Beach Next to the Harbour


Gold Hidden on Folkestone Sandy Beach

Yes, it’s true – there are 30 24 karat gold bars of 10g and 20g sizes which have been buried on the harbour beach (the small beach next to Sunny Sands). Seven gold bars have been found so far… A total value of £10,000 worth of gold has been hidden and its yours if you can find it.

Banksy Found in Folkestone

Banksy Art Buff

Folkestone’s really getting itself firmly on the map in the art scene when we woke up one foggy morning in September and discovered that Banksy had come to visit.

Update: Alas, the artwork was removed and sent to auction until the Creative Foundation saved the day and proved that the wall didn’t belong to the shop owner who removed it.  We’re waiting to find out where in town it will be displayed.

Folkestone Events 2016

We’ve got an amazing lineup of events for 2016 including continuations of the WW1 Centenary, Folkestone Film, TV and Comic Con, Ska Fest and more…. see what’s on when you’re visiting…

Seafront Walks in Folkestone

You can choose from a leisurely stroll along The Leas, to exploring the coastal park and if you don’t fancy walking back up the hill then you can always jump on The Leas Lift which is an original Victorian water powered cable car….

Cafes and Lunch in Folkestone

There are a wide range of coffee houses in Folkestone from the franchises such as Starbucks and Costa and some lovely independents like Googies Art Cafe and Caffe La Delizzia who serve coffees, teas and ice cream…. There are also plenty of options for lunch in Folkestone from tasty and delicious snack in Googies, Beanos Vegetarian Cafe on Tontine Street through to freshly caught Fish and Chips down by the harbour.

Restaurants in Folkestone – Evening Meal

Everything from a three course meal, authentic Nepalese cuisine to hot and spicy ribs and burgers…the choice is yours!

Parking in Folkestone

There are a number of Pay & Display car parks in Folkestone and plenty of on-street parking if you know where to look…